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Win-Win Negotiation: Respond Rather than React

Win-Win Negotiation

“Realize that you are always in a negotiation, if not with others, then with yourself.”  – Joe Caruso

It’s not a question of whether or not you negotiate, it’s how good you are when you do. There is an inherent danger of being in the midst of a negotiation and not recognizing it as such. Virtually all of your communication with other people is a form of negotiation.

You are the only one who can know exactly what you want and what you need. You are the only one who has the bottom-line responsibility of making sure you get it. It is not about taking advantage of people to get what you want in life. It’s about win-win negotiation.

There are five basic characteristics of a successful, win-win negotiation:

  1. Both sides feel a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Both sides feel the other side cared.
  3. Both sides feel the other side was fair.
  4. Each side would deal again with the other.
  5. Each side feels the other side will keep the bargain.

A win-win negotiation has as much to do with helping your counterparts get what they want as it does with helping you get what you want. It is not beneficial, nor is it necessary, for negotiation to be stressful, oppositional and/or confrontational. I realize you will not be in the fortunate position of having everyone you negotiate with understand and practice win-win negotiation skills. More often than not, you will find that your counterparts don’t realize that it’s in their best interest to determine your goals in the negotiation, let alone to help provide the circumstances that will allow you to achieve them. For this reason, it is even more important that you develop the skills that will allow you to get what you want and let your counterparts get what they want.

A few more tips to successful negotiations in these 3 quick reads:

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  3. Be Prepared to Walk Away

Negotiation need not be a bad word – practice and improve your negotiation skills. Stay tuned for more blogs on the subject, including the following concepts

  • Don’t let emotion, yours or theirs, control the negotiation
  • Never give anything away without putting a value on it

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