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Understand Acceptance vs Resignation

Joe uncovers Success Strategy #23 – Understand the difference between acceptance and resignation.

Acceptance literally means taking things as they come. It implies that one has the understanding and perspective that what happens or is happening is acceptable to them.

In my development work with leaders and organizations on managing change and transition, I teach that acceptance is the first step to overcoming any adversity. One who accepts is one who is firmly grounded in reality, while one who refuses to accept is one who is flirting with insanity. To refuse to accept is to invite crippling and debilitating feelings such as frustration, futility and hopelessness.

Resignation literally means the act of giving up, to surrender or relinquish. When we look at the events and people in our lives with resignation, we forfeit our powers to improve upon how these events and people can or will affect us in the future. When we look at the events and people in our lives with acceptance, we release ourselves from the burden of trying to change that which we can’t control. We also empower ourselves to focus on that which we can control in order to positively affect the situation.

Understand acceptance vs. resignation.

Accepting the difficulties in life is the key to overcoming them and creating a better future. Acceptance allows you to create more powerful contexts for your story, whereas resignation creates a less than helpful context for moving forward.

Try examining your burdens or challenges with this approach and see where it takes you.

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