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Sales Tips: Create Sales Opportunities

Tip #4: Turn customer service into sales opportunities.

If you compare the cost of obtaining new customers to the cost of maintaining existing customers, you probably know that it pays to work for a high customer retention rate. If you are pro-actively measuring customer satisfaction and using the information to make improvements and keep clients happy, then I applaud your foresight.

More often than not, however, companies lose more customers due to poor customer service than they gain, which is completely backwards.It reflects a reactive Customer Service team and is frankly bad business.Customer Service Managers should be trained on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and should be remunerated for their efforts.They should also be highly aligned with the marketing team to be asking the right questions of their customers and collecting feedback for new product or service opportunities.

In the market today, iTunes and Amazon are good examples of how to turn customer service into sales – think of the Genius feature that recommends new music based on what you already have in your Library, with the opportunity to try and buy just a click away. Amazon’s Wishlists and recommendations are also great ways to turn existing customers into continuing revenue streams.

AT&T, on the other hand, could take a lesson here. While iPhone users continue to tell everyone they know how much they love the device and all its apps, they might have to do it from a landline because the AT&T network drops so many calls. AT&T’s response is to continue to buy millions of dollars worth of ads telling us how great their network is. Talk about adding insult to injury! Just think what might happen if they used those dollars to simply create a better network.

Your Customer Service Team is a sales team. Train them and reward them as such, and watch your top and bottom lines grow.

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