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The Great Toilet Flush

The election is barely over, and politicians and pundits are already busy telling us what this election means.

The Democrats will claim that the American people just didn’t understand their goals; they will blame themselves for failing to effectively communicate their message. The Republicans will claim that their victories are a mandate for all things Republican.

In fact, neither scenario is true.  This was not an election, it was an ejection.

Americans are unhappy with the way things are going (and polls tell us the Economy was the number one issue for voters).  This election is not a mandate, nor is it a sea change…it’s more like a toilet flush.

One can only hope that this time, politicians will put aside partisanship, ego, and the righteousness that they’ve been leading this country with for far too long and begin to do the people’s work.

For more of my thoughts on the election, read Esther Cepeda’s opinion article, “No time to rest, election winners – the real work fixing this mess starts now”.

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