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Why Start With the Mind for Effective Leadership

Why start with the mind for effective leadership? The video below captures the essence of Joe Caruso’s work, in less than 5 minutes.

Joe explains why he focuses on the mind at the beginning of the relationship when he approaches problems with clients. “When I hear how the individual and collective mind is processing what this problem means, I am able to bring an objective perspective to an understanding of the problem.”

Effective Leadership Starts with the Mind

Starting with the mind is the only way to reach the outcome you desire. People hire Joe Caruso to change an outcome, and his work with each client begins with the collective mind of the organization and follows this sequence:

Meaning > Behavior > Outcome

Watch and listen as Joe discusses why this approach is so effective in front of an audience of CEOs and top leaders at a recent YPO gathering:

“When we use the way the mind naturally works, we can more successfully communicate a new notion to another human being. Great leaders do this every day as they influence their organizations and leadership teams to succeed and reach their goals.”   – Joe Caruso

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