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Real-time Leadership Lessons

So the Congressional supercommittee fails to reach an agreement on deficit reduction. You heard it here first. Stay tuned for more predictions we don’t want to come true, but will. How do we know? Because we understand that people’s natures and cultures drive their behaviors more than their desires to have what is actually good for them

Here’s the deal—we all lie to ourselves about ourselves. We tell ourselves stories that aren’t true and we rationalize and justify things that happen so they validate how we think.In some ways it is part of the human experience. Sometimes we are in denial of certain realities. Sometimes we just have blind spots that we can’t see no matter how hard we try.

The essence of our work here at Caruso Leadership, and where we have the biggest impact, is to help leaders with denial and blind spots—whether it’s on their part, the part of their leadership team, their organization, or even their target market.

EVERYTHING begins with how we define things. All behavior is a result of unconscious or conscious thinking and feeling. You can’t substantially change your behavior unless you start with your definitions.

And now back to Congress—many of us are frustrated—“why can’t they just do their job?” They can’t do their job because they have a myopic and nearsighted definition of their job. When people need to think of the long haul and an end game, nearsightedness is not a virtue. Leaders need to make decisions that consider their organization (or country) in the context of what else is happening in the market (or world) and make the tough decisions that the moment requires while considering an optimal future vision.  Unfortunately, right now our political leaders seem incapable of doing either. We all know what happens when business leaders do this.  They either get fired or their company goes out of business.

The good news is that our problems are still solvable. But not without a leadership team (read the President and the Congress) that can learn how they are lying to themselves about themselves.

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