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Psychology of the Sale: It’s All About Them

Tip #3: Don’t let your personality get in the way of profit.  The sale is all about them, not you, so tune in to your customer.

What do I mean by this? First of all, it is important to understand that a highly trained sales person tunes into the three elements that occur during the sales process:

  •  Obvious elements: spoken words, body language
  •  Nuanced elements: word choices, the sequence of the process
  •  Invisible elements: the conscious strategies or feelings that drive the verbal and emotional aspects of the communication. I also call this the “why behind the what.”

This heightened awareness of the customer allows the sales person to go beyond creating the rapport that the potential buyer dictates, but further, to sense the fears, attractions, or proclivities that are steering the buyer’s behavior. Armed with this information, the sales person lays out a roadmap, a path of least resistance, to closing the deal: what to sell, how to sell it, and when and how to close it. So a sales person who checks their ego and tunes into the customer gleans powerful knowledge from obvious, nuanced and invisible elements.

Remember, the sale is about them, not about you. If you are trying to sell a car to someone and they mention that they like to take long road trips, avoid talking about the trips you’ve taken.  Instead, ask them where they like to go and if they listen to the radio or perhaps audio books while they drive.  If so, you can now talk about the sound system in the vehicle—and they will care, because you didn’t change the subject.  You are still talking about them and what they like to do during their long drives.  If they say they prefer silence or conversation while they drive, don’t change the subject away from them by telling them about a sound system that they don’t care about and go back to talking about the car.

Learning to read all three elements is critical to the development of a highly successful sales person and allows them to shift their focus to the customer.  Because it’s not about the sales person, it’s about the customer.  Did you miss Tips 1 and 2? Click here.
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