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There are two worlds in the human experience:

  1. Your world,
  2. and that of everyone else.

While this may seem like a very basic concept, it is critical to the entire theme of The Power of Losing.

Your world is called your primary world. The occupants of your world are you and you alone. No one else can get into it no matter how close the relationship. Your world is largely determined by how your mind understands you as a person. All other understanding—that of everything in the secondary world—is based in some way on this self-understanding. (This concept applies to organizations and businesses as well).

Everyone besides you lives in the secondary world. This distinction allows you to understand that some concepts don’t apply or translate well to the secondary world. One of the most crucial of these is the concept of Control. (Next, read Power vs. Control).

Listen to “Understanding the Concept of Control” (7:33)

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