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We are all susceptible to defining a situation in a way that limits our power in it. In the workplace, where hierarchy and organizational structure are ever-present, it is easy to find those people who resign themselves to the role of victim, deflecting or shifting the blame, and feeling powerless to contribute in a meaningful way to the goals and success of the organization. This victim-based understanding of self often leads to less than successful outcomes, and contributes to a less than healthy culture.

Learning how to create power-based understandings, assessments and definitions helps us to create positive thoughts and behaviors in order to then generate good results. This process is critical for leaders trying to help others contextualize and solve problems and challenges. The more that senior leaders and strong managers can enable their teams to see themselves in a power-based, rather than a victim-based role, the more confident, self-starting and energized their employees will be. And the results will speak for themselves.

In a world with countless out of control situations, consider the following:

Energy isn’t power, it is capacity. Power is energy expressed. Power can be positively or negatively expressed. This creates incredible potential for influence in the workplace – great leaders understand how to create positive, power-based understandings in order to generate positive outcomes.

To develop your leaders and organizations to create power-based understandings, consider our leadership and organizational development services.

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