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Now is Always Perfect

Wherever you are right now may not be ideal, but it is always perfect, because it is perfect reality. For you to be where you are right now, everything in the past had to have happened exactly as it did. Any reality at any point in time is always the culmination of everything that has transpired up to that point.

Problems Come When We Associate What is Perfect With What is Ideal

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines perfect as “having all the properties that naturally belong to it.” And the perfect tense of a verb expresses “the action or state as completed at a time denoted.” As humans, we tend to have problems when we begin to associate what is perfect with what is ideal. The ideal is a projection of our desire, based on our definitions of ourselves, but that ideal is not always (not even usually) what’s occurring in the present. And since as sentient human beings we are always in the process of growing and changing, there can be nothing more perfect in the future than what is right now.

Feeling Guilty is Self-Defeating

Seen in that context, you can’t have done anything wrong, and you don’t have anything to feel guilty about. You may have done something wrong in the past—something that was wrong at the moment you did it—but whatever that was, it’s now part of the perfect reality of the present. That reality could possibly be more ideal, but it isn’t. And so, to feel guilty is to not accept reality, which is only self-defeating. [Keep in mind that seeking and granting forgiveness helps a great deal when working to accept the present as perfect.]

Now is always perfect

Now is Always Perfect

We can always look back to reconsider what was, or look ahead to imagine what will be. I would urge you to consider the words of author Ronald Blythe, who said, “The most important thing in the world is always what a man is doing at this moment,” and I would extend that to say doing or thinking. Anything you feel guilty about having done in the past has to be less important than what you’re doing right now.

So, instead of wasting psychic energy dwelling on what was, the question to ask yourself is always, “Okay, this is where I am, so now what?”

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