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Those Who Journey Inward Find Greater Success

“The genesis of many of our problems is that too many of us are peering into the murky future of our secondary world, hoping that there will be something “out there” to finally make us happy.

But in fact, we ought to be looking inward, because the source of true happiness is always available to us. It lies in how we choose to respond to those external circumstances — in our ability to understand, accept, and manage ourselves. This is what will determine how we go about finding our meaning and what kind of higher meaning we can find for ourselves.”

Joe Caruso, The Power of Losing Control, Chapter 8

A compelling quote from Agnes Repplier on taking this journey:

Understanding the why behind the what of our own person (our character) is a key step on this journey:

Define Yourself

More About Turning our Journey Inward to a Higher Meaning

Or, get the book!

This content is excerpted from Joe Caruo’s best-selling book, The Power of Losing Control, Chapter 8: Cherish the Chase as Much as You Treasure the Trophy. Get the book!

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