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Overheard: Joe Caruso’s Success Strategies

One measure of effective leadership? When you hear your words and contexts coming from the mouths of others.”  — @JosephACaruso

More of Joe’s Success Strategies Overhead in Mainstream Dialogue 

For those familiar with Joe Caruso’s books, success strategies, philosophies and aphorisms, it may come as no surprise that the concepts that Joe has been teaching for the past twenty years are coming through in mainstream dialogue.

Here are just a few examples that clients and friends have brought to Joe’s attention of late.

At an Economic Club meeting in Western Michigan attended by one of Joe’s clients, guest speaker George F. Will interviewed former New York Yankee Derek Jeter. When asked to name some of his favorite players, he did so, but he noted that it was not so much their ability to play baseball, but the fact that he liked himself when he was with them that made them his favorite players.

Sounds like:

To a large degree, our success and happiness in life depends on how much people like themselves when they’re with us.” – @JosephACaruso

In a recent Adidas campaign on YouTube, Adidas is using a Be Undeniable theme in a very effective ad featuring male and female superstar athletes, set to the tune “Undeniable”.

Joe’s longtime story about how to be undeniable can be found in Chapter 10 of his best-selling book, The Power of Losing Control. You can visit our Be Undeniable page to learn more.

Other popular quotes attributed to Joe that we see regularly on Twitter:

  •  “Cherish the chase as much as you treasure the trophy”
  •  “Be more passionate about solutions than problems”
  •  “We enter each age of life as a novice”

If you hear Joe’s aphorisms and concepts in mainstream dialogue and on social media, send us a tweet and let us know! You can find more in our free download section.

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