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In Celebration of Idea – and Narrative

This September I had a unique opportunity to join people together from the intersection of the fields of my life’s work: business / leadership and psychology / psychoanalysis.

A few longtime friends and mentors in the field of psychoanalysis, Dr. Joe Lichtenberg (along with Mady Chalk), as well as Dr. Curtis Bristol and his wife Marie Drissel, all came to Detroit to spend time with me and my wife Carol, to walk the grounds of our home, to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Athletic Club downtown, and to celebrate “idea”. We were also pleased to be joined by a bright young leader in the education industry, Dr. Shawn Mahoney, one of my leadership mentees.

In addition to the wonderful conversation and amazing food and drink, we had the opportunity to discuss several upcoming publications, news of which I want to share here.

Celebration of Idea Through Narrative

Dr. Joe Lichtenberg wrote what I consider to be the definitive book on narrative, Narrative and Meaning: The Foundation of Mind, Creativity, and the Psychoanalytic Dialogue, a topic that I have been studying for 20 years and incorporating into my work with leaders and leadership teams. He humbled me earlier this year by asking me to be the Issue Editor for an upcoming issue of the Psychoanalytic Inquiry Journal, a topical journal for mental health professionals. To my knowledge, I may be the first non-analyst to guest-edit an issue of this prestigious journal, founded by Dr. Lichtenberg on principles of sharing “idea” with clear and plain-spoken writing on a topic in a safe “space” to disagree.

The upcoming journal edition on Narrative is well underway, with commitment for submissions from a variety of top psychoanalysts (including Dr. Bristol), as well as a contribution from Dr. Mahoney and Dr. Joseph Lichtenberg to reflect upon Narrative and how the principles are applied in business and education in her experiences in the industry.
In celebration of idea and narrative

The weekend offered a perfect opportunity to discuss the journal and share our ideas as they relate to how we perceive our own stories and share them with others, in both our personal and professional lives. Here are a few pictures from the weekend: 

Celebrating Dr. Lichtenberg’s Birthday and Upcoming Publication 

In addition to celebrating idea, we had the pleasure of singing “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Lichtenberg: 

Dr. Lichtenberg turns 93

We surprised Dr. Lichtenberg with a cake in celebration of idea AND his 93rd birthday at the Detroit Athletic Club.

I’m sure the birthday ritual will be repeated in another language when I am with him at the upcoming meeting of the IAPSP International Conference on The Psychology of The Self, in ViennaAustria.

During our weekend in Detroit I also enjoyed an in-depth conversation with Dr. Lichtenberg about his upcoming publication, news of which I will post to our blog when it is published in November. I am eagerly preparing to read the galley to further explore concepts of narrative – to continue my commitment to study the simple, common, timeless human truths about life. 

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