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An Honest Assessment to Start the New Year

I would like to wish all of our clients, friends, followers and supporters a very Happy New Year. I wish you the best for 2019.

I often advise the leadership teams I work with that how one defines the problem determines the solutions your mind CAN’T POSSIBLY consider. So if you are feeling stuck, an honest assessment of the problem (how you are defining the problem), can open up possible solutions that the mind could not see or fathom in the previous context or definition.

Make An Honest Assessment

As you enter the New Year, I encourage to consider how an honest assessment can get you on the path to better solutions, and greater success and happiness. This can work for personal growth and professional development, and across organizations and teams.

Here is some quick reading to help you do just that.

Not Sure Where to Start in Your Honest Assessment?

Pick one of these ten ‘let go’s’ and honestly assess – how could this be holding you back?

I wish you well in your decision and commitment to make a great start to the New Year. And if you need help implementing fresh thinking within your leadership team or across your organization, reach out to Caruso Leadership in 2019. Let’s chat about how I can help.

I leave you with the ancient, timeless wisdom of Lao-Tzu:

Honest Assessment Inspiration

All the best!


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