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Destiny Is More Uncovered Than Discovered

Success Strategy #40: Destiny is more uncovered than discovered.


We all have a destiny.  And it’s none of our business. The most important part of the plan of our life isn’t our destiny, but our greatest human gift – our free will. Every choice we make informs our path and builds to our ultimate destiny.

In this culture, we could all find greater peace by focusing more on our capacity to choose the proper thoughts, actions and words than by trying to skip over the decisions and uncover our destiny in a type of instant gratification.

Our destiny is not discovered. It is uncovered, one choice at a time.

Unfortunately we seem to be turned around. Popular culture is determined to convince us that there really isn’t much free will in life. We’re bombarded daily with examples and validations of how we’re merely victims of our circumstances or our genetics. This might influence many of us to shift our focus to uncovering our destiny as the “way out” or the ameliorator of all that is bad in our lives. But as John Lennon said, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you.”

'Most of us dream of the future, never realizing a little arrives every day.' - Joe Caruso Click to Tweet

So take care with each choice and each decision in front of you. Your choices are your own, and they have more to do with your destiny than what you might “will” your destiny to be. Taking care with each choice will also shift your focus from what might be or could be, to what you are doing right now. Creating greater self-awareness in the present moment, while keeping your mind on your goals, helps shape your day-to-day priorities and every decision you make.

Destiny uncovered, not discovered

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