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Organization Development: Why study culture and business?

For 30 years, Caruso Leadership has committed to studying the greatest minds and thinkers since the written word. To further that study and to better advise clients, Joe immerses himself in the Italian culture, where the Etruscan, Roman, Sienese, Florentine and Perugian cultures have risen, fallen, and assimilated. Because of this rich culture and history, Tuscany has been host to several Caruso Leadership retreats attended by leaders from many organizations.

Studying these cultures not at their peak, but when they are on the rise or in decline, can give great insight into the challenges that businesses face internally, from the market, and from competition. Caruso Leadership brings this cultural expertise to their clients, particularly in difficult and changing times, in order to help them identify the indicators for when to tweak, and when to make radical changes.

This brief, five-part video series is intended to give businesses who do not work with Caruso Leadership some of this insight. Press ‘play’ to find out where the rubber meets the road in terms of culture and profit for your business.

Culture and Business Video Series

And Part 5 – Tweak or Transform?

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