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Change Is the Only Thing That’s Certain

Principles for Profit #40: If the horse is dead, get off.

Do you anticipate change, or try to bury it, deny it, or ignore it?

If you’ve ever watched a surfer—or been one yourself—you’ll know that your only chance to ride the curl rather than end up sucking the sand is to anticipate the changes in those waves and make the constant adjustments that are necessary if you’re to maintain your balance. You know you have no control over the water, but you do have the power to respond to its ever-changing patterns in ways that will allow you to continue riding high.

To put that metaphor in a different context, consider the dramatic changes that have taken place in corporate culture during the past several years. Mergers, takeovers, reorganizations, and downsizings are common, everyday reality. If you haven’t been involved in one, I suspect you know someone who has. Who do you think would be most likely to survive and thrive in that kind of situation—where change is clearly beyond his or her control? The person who persists in doing things the way he’s always done them, or the one who is able to adapt to new procedures and ways of doing business? The one who keeps his gaze firmly focused on the past, or the one who is able to look to the future? The one who feverishly tries to dam up the waters of change or the one who goes with the flow? The one who insists on maintaining his illusion of control by repeating unproductive behaviors, or the one who is willing to let go in order to grow?

Change is Certain

I can’t promise that all change is always positive, but I can promise that everything positive happens as a result of change. And I can also promise that change will happen no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

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