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Caruso Leadership Celebrates Client Successes

At Caruso Leadership, we like to celebrate and herald our client successes as they undertake the brave and important work of creating change across their organizations and within their respective industries.

We are pleased to share the following highlights – it’s nice to brag about our clients’ successes!

McGraw-Hill K-12 Education

We extend our sincere congratulations to long-time advisory client Christine Willig on her recent promotion to President of McGraw-Hill K-12 Education, in Columbus, OH. Additional congratulations go to Lisa Carmona, recently promoted to Senior Vice President of the Product Development team.

We are excited to continue our work with both Ms. Willig and Ms. Carmona, and the whole team at Mc-Graw Hill K-12 Education, as they undertake the important and challenging work of evolving from a print to a digital leader in K-12 Education.

(Update December 2015 – Congratulations to Ms. Willig, a recent recipient of the AAP Lamplighter Visionary Award)

Caruso Leadership expands its leadership development services to include Ms. Willig’s new Executive Team, as well as the Product Development Team.

Hagerty Group

We are pleased to work with the Hagerty Group during an exciting time of growth and expansion under the leadership of CEO & Founder McKeel Hagerty. Hagerty, a global leader in the insurance industry, recently introduced Richard Hutchinson (previously of Progressive Insurance) as the new President of Hagerty Group.

We congratulate the entire leadership team on their continued growth and excellence in providing insurance for classic cars and boats. This excellence was recently recognized when Hagerty was named one of the Best Workplaces by the Great Place to Work® Institute, based on surveying millions of employees and studying thousands of businesses over the past twenty-five years.

Caruso Leadership facilitates customized leadership and training programs with the executive group and staff, and Joe serves as personal advisor to the CEO and the Executive Team. 

JSJ Corporation

We congratulate the executive team of Michigan-based JSJ Corporation. This privately held collection of growth companies, led by CEO Nelson Jacobson and his leadership team, continue to provide innovative products and support in the global marketplace, driving this venerable, third generation company into the 21st century.

Caruso Leadership provides consulting services at a senior management level to Mr. Jacobson and his Executive Team.

Advisory Services for Entrepreneurial Executives and Professionals

In addition to serving the leaders and leadership teams of corporations, Joe continues to expand his advisory services to include professional and entrepreneurial executives seeking expert, individual guidance as they enter new phases of their lives and careers: as board members, senior executives, or investors in new ventures.

Joe Caruso, founder of Caruso Leadership, is an expert in how the individual and collective mind functions, and how understanding and meaning drive behavior. Caruso Leadership brings this expertise to businesses to optimize outcomes for leaders, leadership teams, and entire organizations.

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