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Best-Selling Book Offered Free to Military & Military Families


Best-Selling Book Offered Free to Military & Military Families

Caruso Leadership offers best-selling Power of Losing Control eBook to Navy and other military organizations in the month of January.

Detroit, MI  (January 10, 2012) — Caruso Leadership announced today it will release 10,000 free copies of the bestselling book The Power of Losing Control as an eBook, with priority access given to The United States Navy and other organizations that serve the military.

The book’s continued popularity since its original publication as a hardcover and paperback drove the need to create an eBook version. Previously published in six languages and with a stint on the CEO bestseller list, Caruso Leadership updated the Power of Losing Control to include interactive exercises and free supplemental content available through the CarusoLeadership.com website.

“To further Caruso Leadership’s mission to effectively help others reach their goals, I am pleased to extend the free eBook to 10,000 people who wish to make sense of and find success in this out-of-control world,” said Joe Caruso, author of the book and founder of Caruso Leadership. “I am deeply honored that so many members of the US Navy and their families are already downloading the book. Having worked with a number of Admirals for many years, I am grateful for the military’s commitment to our country and in awe of the sacrifices they and their families make that go largely unseen every day.”

The Power of Losing Control is heralded as a book that “absolutely establishes the basis for individual and organizational transformation” and a “A great read and as important an even better re-read.” It was written as a result of thirty years of studying the greatest thinkers, philosophers, and psychoanalysts, and work with hundreds of organizations globally. Because much of Caruso Leadership’s work with individuals and organizations is private, the book offers a window into the studies, life learning, and simple, common, timeless human truths that have transformed countless lives, both personally and professionally, around the world.

“This extraordinary book speaks to the soul of the human endeavor and from the heart of an extraordinary survivor, human being and friend,” said Michael A. Giorgione, Energy Market Leader, RBF Consulting (RADM, USN, Retired), “We should all learn how to lose control and reap the benefits.”

In addition to the popular Success Strategies and principles such as The Four Rules of Engagement, and The Five Steps to Wisdom, the book offers free companion content, including audio recordings, printable exercises, and videos through the Caruso Leadership website. The free book promotion will run until February 15, 2012, or until 10,000 copies have been downloaded – whichever comes first. Free copies can be found at www.carusoleadership.com/out-of-control-giveaway, and more about the book itself, including free companion content, is available at www.carusoleadership.com/power-of-losing-control.

About Caruso Leadership In 1986, Joe Caruso set out to find the formula required for any business to optimize growth and maximize business profit. After studying and working with thousands of businesses and organizations in dozens of countries around the globe, Caruso Leadership has determined the Quintessential ProcessTM to apply to optimize any business or organization. Today, Caruso Leadership works with companies worldwide to analyze the elements that either create or prevent business breakthroughs by applying these processes through strategic business advisory services, executive development and leadership training, organizational development, and sales training. In addition to working with businesses, CEOs, and Admirals, Joe Caruso is a popular keynote speaker and the author of the CEO-bestseller, The Power of Losing Control. Visit CarusoLeadership.com for more information. Contact Us.

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