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Author Archives: Caruso Admin

Make Objectives Understandable (Gideons)

Vision statements, mission statements and strategic objectives are often misused and abused because they’re too often misunderstood.

Too many organizations understand that it’s important to have these things, yet don’t seem to understand just how powerful they can be.

Each year, I spend more than 170 days traveling, flying to various cities and staying in different hotels. While the comfort and decor of each room varied, there was one thing I knew would be consistent.  If I looked inside the drawer of the bed stand, I’d find a Bible. I could be sure I’d find that Bible because of the strength of a vision and the conviction of a mission.

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Leading in An Out of Control World – CASE Council of Administrators of Special Education

As a keynote speaker during the 19th annual 2008 CASE Conference, Joe was asked to contribute a feature article for the newsletter for the Council of Administrators of Special Education, CASE, a division of the Council for Exceptional Children, published bi-monthly.

Leading in an Out of Control World

A lot is asked of the CASE professional. It’s difficult enough to try to properly function in the dysfunctional and out of control environment that special education professionals deal with every day. Now CASE is asking you to lead as well?!

How does one lead a process that they don’t control? Further, how can one lead disparate individuals in micro-communities with varying and various agendas? Not to mention that there is no “leadership” line item on your already stretched too thin budget.

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