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Assess, Accept, Adjust, Advance

For years I have been both applying and encouraging others with this simple Success Strategy:

Accept, Adjust, and Advance

As many personal development success strategies inform and improve professional development as well, I wanted to share a process that I have been honing and developing with clients for many years. In our businesses and organizations, we are steeped in processes – how we do things, how we decide what to do…even how we approach what we decide to do. With all of these processes, I suggest that there is one Quintessential Process to guide organizations through the best way to impact outcomes and improve the bottom line.

More About The Quintessential Process

The Quintessential Process™ was developed by clinically studying over 500 organizations of various types and sizes.  It is informed by over twenty five years of studying the role psychology has in leadership and with groups.  It has been successfully implemented by leaders, businesses and organizations across four continents in a number of countries and cultures including The U.S. Military, non-profits, multi-national corporations and small businesses.

Step 1 –> Assess


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