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“Joe gave the perfect message in a meaningful and unforgettable way. He’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.” 

The keynote sets the tone for your event or meeting. What elements make a great Keynote Speech?

  1. The audience can find themselves in the message. It should be tailored to your audience, for the current times they are in, and in the context of the themes and goals for your event.
  2. It should incorporate the power of story, or narrative. Story is the most effective way to make a keynote speech enjoyable and memorable, allowing your attendees to draw upon what they learned well beyond the conference.
  3. Not only should the keynote touch them in the moment and resonate with them long after the event, it should become the context by which they experience the rest of your event. And that can influence next year’s attendance.

Listen to Attendees React to a Joe Caruso Keynote

Selecting the right keynote or motivational speaker is a critical part of your event planning process and of course, it is why you conduct your research with such thoughtful consideration. Joe Caruso has touched hundreds of thousands of people through his keynote speeches. Joe has the ability to connect with his audiences, based on his extensive research and practical, applied experience with the Simple, Common, Timeless human truths. HOW_StageKeynoteWe regularly receive Thank You messages from individuals who changed their lives as a result of embracing and adopting what they heard in a Joe Caruso keynote, whether it’s been a few years or ten years since they heard the speech!

View Keynote Speech Testimonials

Whether talking to hundreds or thousands of people, many say that a Joe Caruso keynote is actually a life-changing experience.

Contact us today to discuss your event goals, audience, and location and dates. Joe’s talks can be tailored to ensure CE credits in leadership for association members.

Facilitating Events

Seminars and retreats are expensive. Not just in the dollars you spend, but in the investment of time by every employee involved in the planning and attendance. When you invest in your employees and take them away from their day-to-day tasks for training and development, you should expect them to get more than “one thing” out of the event. Anything less is a waste of time and money.

Family Seminar in West PalmCaruso Leadership seminars and retreats are highly customized and designed so the individuals and the organization can have a series of breakthrough thoughts that will create breakthrough actions back in the workplace. Based on a three-part process of client discovery, the actual event, and the prescriptive follow-up, we ensure results long after the program is completed.

All attendees learn to look at themselves, their approach to their work, and their company with a new level of understanding that makes them more productive, powerful and profitable…period. We facilitate leadership and executive retreats, strategic planning sessions, and any event, retreat, or seminar for your group or organization that seeks to optimize business and maximize profit.


Bottom line: people don’t forget our retreats…they quote them for years afterward. Make your next Leadership Retreat, Strategy Session, Employee Seminar or Training Session “Undeniable” with Caruso Leadership.

Contact us today to discuss your goals, needs, budget or questions.