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Many of our our CEO and Executive clients approach us during transitional or challenging phases of their companies’ growth and development. Others come toChangeofCommandCeremony us during successful times to ensure they optimize growth appropriately. It’s not about the size of your company, the pace of its growth, or the problems it faces. It’s about reaching your goals faster and more effectively by putting the vision first and foremost.

We specialize in breaking through barriers and identifying blind spots for:

  • start-up companies who need better, or more polished, performance
  • well-established firms or organizations who feel “stuck”
  • fast-growing companies or turnarounds seeking maximum profit as a result of their strategic consulting investment
  • small business owners considering or currently involved in a merger or acquisition strategy

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Regardless of the challenges your company or organization faces, one phone call to discuss how you and your company are equipped to face your next set of challenges or how market factors are affecting your business is a no-risk, high-reward way to take the first step.

Joe Discusses How He Advises Leaders (With Two Examples)

More about Caruso Leadership Strategic Business Consulting

Here is a small sample of the kinds of services we provide as part of our executive advisory and business consulting services:

  • Advised a CEO on the preparation and negotiation around the sale of a company, securing significant additional revenue as a result of our objective involvement
  • Helped a small business go from $2 million in revenues to $10 million in 2 short years
  • Assisted with the climate and communications regarding transitions (entrances and exits) of new leadership within a medium-sized education company
  • Discussed growth strategy for a young, successful company – pacing, phases, entering new markets
  • Interviewed potential job candidates for senior-level position in a company, and advised CEO or hiring manager on the fit of that candidate
  • Mediated and facilitated an internal meeting focused on marketing message and self-definition; captured the essence of that discussion and provided a usable ‘mantra’ for each employee to embrace and move forward with during a turnaround phase of the company’s life cycle
  • Ran an executive retreat for a successful, family-run national business that revisits its’ goals and next steps annually. Before working with Caruso Leadership, this business was a local shop trying to figure out when, and how, to grow.
  • Established an atmosphere for successful joint operations between a US Navy and Air Force base in Hawaii that recently merged

We get businesses from one phase of their business life-cycle to another in the fastest possible manner. Whatever your situation, the next step is to call us to set up a phone consultation to discuss how to optimize outcomes for your business or organization. Why wait? You can start today.