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Many of the barriers to our own success and happiness lie in our willingness (or unwillingness) to examine what it is that is holding us back. Letting go of bad self-definitions, bad ideas, ineffective practices, unnecessary thoughts and actions and bad attitudes frees us to create a new self-definition that actually serves us and creates vast opportunities for growth. Before we can let go of a bad habit, an unhealthy relationship, or a dead-end job, we first have to let go of a specific thought, concept or idea that keeps us wanting to hold on. That is the key to finding the power of letting go.

While there are an endless number of things preventing us from achieving the success and happiness that we seek, I have found the following ten to be the most common and most debilitating, and therefore, the most powerful to let go of:

  1. Regret
  2. Anger
  3. Blame
  4. Guilt
  5. Pride and Ego
  6. Insecurity
  7. Jealousy
  8. “What If” Scenarios
  9. Debilitating Myths
  10. Debilitating Definitions

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The Power of Letting Go – Reminders

10 Things to Let Go Of

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