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Originally a military term used to delineate when troops could engage in combat, I have borrowed this term to apply to the four rules that are always in play when attempting to make connections in our secondary world. The Four Rules of Engagement discussed in The Power of Losing Control can have a tremendous impact on our ability to create meaningful relationships, connect with others successfully, or even close a sale or conduct a business negotiation.  They are absolutely and quintessentially the foundation of influence.

The Four Rules of Engagement state that:

  1. Everyone is always right.
  2. Everyone’s greatest desire is to be right.
  3. You can’t change another person’s mind.
  4. You can help people shift their perspective.

Understanding and applying these rules is the key to successful communication, and ultimately, to help you get what you want.

Listen to “Rules of Engagement” (2:40)

Listen to “The Four Rules of Engagement in Business” from The Principles of Authentic Power (6:33)

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