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We may know a lot, but our knowledge is only useful if we are willing to put it into action. Just as power is energy expressed, wisdom is knowledge ‘expressed’, or put into action. Wisdom occurs in stages, and practicing the five steps to wisdom puts us on a path to profit from our knowledge in a meaningful way—not just for ourselves, but also for those around us.

The Five Steps to Wisdom:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Experimentation
  4. Experience
  5. Commitment

In short, you can’t know anything you’re not aware of; you can’t figure out how it might relate to you until you consider yourself against the new thought, idea, concept or reality; you can’t experience without experimenting; and you can’t be wise without the deep sense of knowing that can only come from knowledge over time.

Every new idea, whether new to you or new to others, must go through these steps on its way to becoming understood and realized.  Effective leaders need to know this and practice it.

Listen to “Steps 4 and 5 – Experience and Commitment” (7:52)

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