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Many people struggle with the concept of control vs power.

Once you understand that control is a concept that necessitates a total or complete element and can’t exist in partial terms (you can’t “kind of” or “pretty much” control anything), you begin to understand that you have no control in the secondary world.  When you accept this, you are freed from wasting your energy trying to do so.

Now you can focus all of your energy on the part of you that has the most impact on everyone and everything in the secondary world…your power of influence. It’s only when you let go of trying to control that you can stop wasting your limited energies (thoughts, emotions and actions) on trying to control people and outcomes. It is truly a waste of energy, which is literally a waste of life.

Listen to “Why Are We So Compelled To Control” (3:29), from The Principles of Authentic Power

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