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Category Archives: Keynotes & Training

Joe Caruso Discusses ‘Leading Change’ with YPO

Leading Change with YPO

Joe Caruso, YPO Gold Event, September 2016

[Pictured above, from left] Joe Caruso (left) with YPO members Stephen Kircher, CEO Boyne Resorts, Mark Bissell, Chairman & CEO, Bissell, Inc. – Bissell Homecare, Inc, and Molly Kircher, Senior VP-Brand Development of Boyne Resorts.

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What Makes a Great Keynote Speech

In my work advising CEOs and consulting with and training leadership teams, I often take on the role of an objective advisor. In this role I ask a lot of questions, and do a lot of listening before I say anything. My role is to help them hear or see something differently, because I am purposefully approaching it from a different perspective.

This role is also a useful one to play when an organization books me to do a Keynote Speech. Before I address an organization’s constituents from the big stage, whether the audience will be made up of employees, partners and clients, or members of that organization, I ask a lot of questions and listen. When I talk to the audience, I become a representative of the organization that hired me, and I do not take that responsibility lightly. It is similar to the responsibility felt by the event planner or committee tasked with organizing and planning the event.

Over the years I have given (and heard) many Keynote Speeches. I’d like to share what I have found to be the core elements of a successful Keynote Speech.

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Five Maximizing Maxims for Success in Sales

Recently I’ve been discussing the Four Rules of Engagement as they apply to the sales process, and the K-12 sales process in particular (though they apply in every encounter we have — even encounters we have with ourselves!). To drive home the fourth rule of engagement, “you can help shift another person’s perspective”, I developed Five Maximizing Maxims to remember.

You can read the article, which is posted to the Selling to Schools website, here.

I also sat down with Glen McCandless of Selling to Schools to discuss these maxims. You can listen to the podcast below:

…or Listen to internet radio with Selling to Schools on Blog Talk Radio.

Visit our Four Rules of Engagement page to find more information to share with your sales teams, or contact Caruso Leadership to inquire about Sales Training.

Power of Persuasion in K12: Information vs Style

I have been covering the Four Rules of Engagement in detail for our popular Selling to Schools leadership series. We’ve spent some time examining the first two rules as they apply to the sales process as well as K12 leadership. Now it’s time to learn why Rules 1 and 2 are so important, by looking at Rule #3.

Current article on Rule #3 and the associated podcast (see below)

All of the articles and their accompanying podcasts make great topics for your leadership teams to discuss, practice, and embrace. Contact Caruso Leadership for more information about training and other strategies to get your K12 business booming, even in a changing market.

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The Role of Bias in the Sale: How to make it work for you

The Four Rules of Engagement are always working, whether for us or against us, any time one or more people are engaged. (I say one because we are always negotiating with ourselves…).

I recently spent time unpacking the 2nd Rule, Everyone’s Greatest Desire is to be Right, with Glen McCandless of SellingtoSchools.com. You can read the article on the website, and listen to the accompanying podcast below.

Find some useful tips, including things to avoid, when honoring your prospect’s desire to be right. Hint: it doesn’t mean flattering them, or even agreeing with them, to close the deal.

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Is It Time to Revisit Your Approach to Sales Demos?

This month’s education leadership series, in partnership with SellingtoSchools.com, focuses on the importance of the sales demo to the sales process. Why are sales representatives eager to give the product demonstration so early in the process? What should leadership teams consider when training their sales and services teams? What priorities should be in place when developing product demonstrations in the first place?

Read the 3rd article of this popular six-part series in the Selling to Schools “Stage the Big Payoff” section, and be sure to listen to the accompanying podcast below.

…or listen to internet radio with Selling to Schools on Blog Talk Radio.

Education Leadership: Trapped in Legacy Mindsets?

The second article in the SellingtoSchools.com and Caruso Leadership series is now posted to the STS website, and the 2nd accompanying interview is ready for listening below. Glen and Joe discuss the importance of acknowledging how a company sees itself, and subsequently, what to do and how to adjust when that version of who they are no longer works in the market place.

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Education Leadership: It’s Time to Reassess

The first article and podcast (listen below) in our Education Leadership series is available for listening on Blog Talk Radio. Caruso Leadership and Selling to Schools is pleased to bring you this series on a monthly basis.

Be sure to tune in for each episode and fine tune your leadership skills in the fluctuating education marketplace.

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Teaching the Power of Will to Our Children

I heard this story on NPR this week, where four-year olds are learning self-control as part of their social development at school. It cited a recent study showing that students who exhibit better mastery of self at an early age, and even as teens, will fare better as adults financially, in the workplace, with their health and in their relationships.

The fact that we actually needed a study to get to this “finding” and the fact that the finding is reported as news proves just how much in denial Americans are about one of the biggest underlying reasons our education system is a failure.

Allow me to explain.  Regardless of where you stand on “No Child Left Behind”, the adoption of a national standard, public, private, or charter schools, teacher unions, or classroom size—all the usual scapegoats—the fact is that most of today’s students have trouble exercising and focusing the power of their will and learning self-discipline.  The ugly truth is simple.  What is essential in order for learning to take place has not changed…we have.
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How to Negotiate: Be Prepared to Walk Away

If you want to bring all you have to any negotiation, you must be prepared to walk away from the deal. Let them catch a whiff of your desperation, and you quickly lose your edge in the negotiation process.

Conducting due diligence includes many things, from researching the personality of your counterpart (as I discuss in Part 2), to gathering information about the company you are dealing with.  Part of that due diligence should also include your ‘deal breaker’ scenario, or, what factors would cause you to walk away from the deal.

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